How Many Calories In Wine?


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When we consume alcohol, the calories obtained from alcohol are burned before calories from the food that we have consumed. So that the fat deposits in our body may increase if we consume too much alcohol (because the body is using it as fuel instead of food).
Champagne has the highest amount of calories per serving followed by white wine. Some caloric contents are listed below, in order of descending caloric content per serving:

Champagne: 133kCal/175ml
White wine (sparkling and medium): 130kCal/175ml
Rose wine: 124kCal/175ml
Red wine: 119kCal/175ml
Dry white wine: 116kCal/175ml
Lambrini bianco: 96kCal/175ml
Port: 78kCal/50ml
Vermouth, sweet: 76kCal/50ml
Martini bianco: 72kCal/50ml
Martini Rosso: 70kCal/50ml
Vermouth, dry: 54kCal/50ml
Martini, extra dry: 48kCal/50ml

Note that the caloric values are per serving and not per equal volume for every wine.

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