How Many Calories In Watermelon?


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The suggested serving size of watermelon is 154 g per serving, which roughly equals one cup of melon balls.

A look at the nutritional facts of watermelons, assuming a total daily diet of 2000 calories, will indicate why the watermelon carries a Nutrition Grade A. Nutrition grades are determined by the amount of nutrients present in comparison to the recommended daily amounts (RDA).

For desirable nutrients, the RDA represents a target to aim for, while for undesirable nutrients, such as cholesterol, the RDA represents an upper limit. So what's good about a cup of melon balls? For starters, the total fat content is 0.2 g, which works out at zero percent of the RDA for fat.

What makes this even better is the fact that none of the contained fats are saturated. There is no cholesterol in watermelons, a definite plus point. Watermelons are also very low in sodium content. With 2 mg per cup, this again works out at zero percent of the RDA.

The carbohydrates contained total 11.6 g, equaling four percent of the RDA, with a dietary fiber content of 0.6 g - two percent of RDA. Unfortunately, the sugar content is rather high at 9.5 g per serving. Protein content is limited to 0.9 g.

Vitamin and mineral contents are high, with vitamin A at 18 percent, vitamin C at 21 percent and calcium and iron at one and two percent of the RDA respectively.

The good points of watermelons are:

- No saturated fats
- No cholesterol
- Low sodium content
- High content of potassium, calcium and iron
- Very high content of vitamins A and C

The only bad point is the high sugar content, which probably makes up most of the 48 calories per serving.
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Watermelon consists mainly of water, so there is very little caloric intake, and there are things in it that are good for you too.
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A large slice of watermelon (1/16 of whole) has ~ 85 calories. While it is true that it contains a great deal of water is also contains quite a bit of sugar. A medium banana (smaller than most of what one sees in the produce section of the local grocery store) has 115 calories. I think that makes a banana and watermelon slice breakfast fairly low in calories, good nutritionally and quite yummy!
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Around 35-40 calories. Thats not that bad! For a whole watermelon its about 180 or more!
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