How Many Calories In An Egg Mcmuffin?


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A Sausage and Egg McMuffin at McDonalds contains approximately 420 kcal. This is 21 percent of an adult’s guideline daily allowance. The breakfast also contains 25g of protein (33 percent of an adult’s GDA), 27g of total carbohydrates (10 percent of an adult’s GDA), 3g of carbohydrates of which are sugars (3 percent of an adult’s GDA), 23g of total fat (34 percent of an adult’s GDA), 9g of fat of which is saturated fats (41 percent of an adult’s GDA), 2g of fibre (8 percent of an adult’s GDA) and 1.9g of salt (38 percent of an adult’s GDA). These nutritional values are different for a child’s Guideline Daily Allowance. The calories take up 26 percent of their GDA, protein in 42 percent, the total carbohydrates are 14 percent of a child’s GDA, the total carbohydrates of which are sugars is 4 percent, the total fat is 37 percent of a child’s GDA, the total fat of which are saturated fats is 50 percent, fibre takes up 12 percent of a child’s GDA and the salt is 63.3 percent. All of the nutrintional information for the Sausage and Egg McMuffin, along with all of McDonald’s food and drink products can be found on their website at

McDonalds has caused some controversy with the nutritional values of its food. Many have linked it as a large contributor to the increase in obesity in America and the United Kingdom while PETA have protested that the company source their meat from unfairly treated animals. The company has been sued for misrepresenting their French fries as vegetarian and many argue that the supply of toys with children’s meals encourage them to eat food that is very unhealthy at their age. McDonalds have also been in trouble for the soya that they feed their chickens. The soya is supplied by food giant Cargill, the process is claimed to be destroying the rainforest as well as the farmers being guilty of crimes.
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McDonald's Egg McMuffin(136g) : Calories (290) Protein(17g) Fat (12g) Carbohydrates (27g)

Egg McMuffin (139g)=  300 calories
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