I'm eating 600 calories a day; I'm scared and I don't know what to do?


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You need to at least double that! It can lead to eating disorders and if you are and you are a teenager, or even a kid, you are in the middle of growing and not eating the right amount of calories can stop your growth. I don't know why you're eating only 600 calories, because if you feel you need to lose weight, there is exercise. I hope this helped! Don't be afraid to eat!
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Rebecca Lynne Mitchell
A couple of years ago I was eating less than 2000 calories, or however many the average teenage girl is supposed to eat. I think it was around 1200, and I wasn't loosing or gaining weight but I got into habit, and when I started loosing weight finally, it was hard to eat more calories. I understand the fear of gaining weight I still go through that :/ but 600 is NOT a lot...and you need to eat. At least healthy things, stay away from that junk food. Fruits and vegetables won't hurt you.
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Check out Freelee the Banana girl.

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Depends on how old you are but you're gonna lose your period, your hair, your health, and your happiness. Start eating before you regret it.
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If you feel like your calorie intake is out of your control, please seek some help. There are lots of people you can talk to- parents, doctor, teachers, etc. 

Please do the best thing for yourself and stay healthy! 

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