How Many Calories Are In Eggs Benedict?


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Eggs Benedict is a wonderful dish served for breakfast or brunch. The original style consists of an English muffin (split in half and toasted), a slice of ham or Canadian bacon, two poached eggs, topped with Hollandaise sauce. It is usually served with fruit or asparagus on the side. Though a very tasty dish, it is should be eaten in moderation. It contains approximately 400 calories and is high in fat, carbohydrates and sodium. The exact origin of this dish is unknown, with both New York and France claiming rights to the dish, going back to the early 1900s. There are literally hundreds of variations of Eggs Benedict, thanks to today’s interest in cooking and food.

One healthy variation is to use whole wheat instead of white English muffins; two egg whites instead of the whole egg; substitute vegetables or low-fat meat for regular ham and bacon. To reduce more calories and make the dish healthier, make the Hollandaise sauce with low-fat yogurt, fat-free mayonnaise, dijon mustard, and no butter(margarine or olive oil is better). A little secret, the key to making a great Hollandaise sauce is to use the right amount of lemon juice and a dash of cayenne pepper. This improved recipe reduces the calories to approximately 180 calories.

There are also varieties with salsa, various vegetables, toast, even tofu. It is best to experiment, so as to make the dish just to your liking. This dish is very popular in upscale restaurants and is a brunch presentation for mom on Mother's Day. Many folks love this dish in its original recipe; choosing only to eat it on special occasions. It is widely held that an Eggs Benedict breakfast or lunch is incomplete without champagne, just make sure you keep the calories down; because the dish packs many of it.
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In general, it could vary. But there are some different counts on this website including one from Bob Evans (a restaurant in the Midwest in case you aren't familiar) that says its 418 calories. If you're looking to slim it down, try the recipe at

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