How Many Calories Are In Tacos?


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The calorie count of tacos varies upon the ingredients and how much of them you use. They are normally comprised of wheat or plain flour tortillas or pre-bought taco shells, ground beef or chicken, salsa, cheese and salad components. They are traditionally a versatile dish, which is often what makes them so appealing, though this means that counting the calories in them can be more tricky.

  • Working out the calories
To work out how many calories are in your taco, start by checking the tortillas. The pre-made taco shells only have about 50 calories in them though wheat tortillas normally contain a few more calories. The plain flour ones sit in between on the calorie count but on average, there are about 100-140 calories in the tortillas.

  • Fillings
If you use beef in your taco, it will roughly have about 30-50 calories though again, this depends on how much you use and the way you prepare it.

Cheese is the least healthy ingredient in this dish and depending on the quantity of it, the calorie count on this is about 150.

By putting lettuce, tomatoes and onions etc. In the taco, you are gaining a few more extra vitamins and minerals. If the salsa is homemade, this will also improve the quality of your taco.

  • Home cooked tacos
As with any food, if it is homemade, it will be far healthier and better for you than if bought from a fast food restaurant or as a ready meal. If it is homemade is should have on average, about 250 calories though you can double check this here to compare your own ingredients:
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In one chargrilled fish taco there are 175 calories, 4g fat, 54mg cholesterol, 475mg sodium, 19g carbohydrates and 16g protein
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Yea it does depend on the taco if its loaded with a lot of meat and sauce and all that other crap then it's probably about 300 calories but if your trying to loose weight stick with a lot of the lettuce and meat in the taco

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