How Many Calories Are In Bacardi Rum?


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There are 65 calories in one fluid ounce of Bacardi Rum, and obviously, what you mix it with will make it have more unless you stick with ‘diet’ versions of your favourite mixer.

Don Facunda Bacardi Masso emigrated from Spain to Santiago, Cuba in 1829, where he soon discovered the nations’ love for rum. It was too dark and rich, though, so he soon began to analyze the process it went through in its manufacture. He discovered that if the rum was put through a charcoal filter, the impurities and contaminants that gave rum its flavour were eliminated, giving a surprisingly pleasant and smooth drink.

Bacardi thought that there would be a market for his new drink (how right he was!) and he bought a tin-roofed factory where he set up his distillery. There was a family of fruit bats living in the roof of the factory, a symbol of good luck in Cuba, so Bacardi left them where they were. These fruit bats are still the logo of the Bacardi Company.

From these humble beginnings came great things. In 1944, Bacardi Imports was opened in New York City, and by 1960, the Company controlled assets that totalled more than $75,000,000. In 1966, Coca-Cola, impressed by Bacardi’s success, agreed to be advertised with the liquor and the now famous Bacardi and Coke was born.

By 1978, Bacardi rum was the best selling spirit brand in the United States. This is no mean feat especially considering it has to overcome hurdles such as the poor relations that Cuba had with the rest of the world that resulted in embargoes. In 1987, Bacardi sold 20 million bottles, the first single spirit ever to do this, and in 1991, they introduced the Bacardi Breezer, a wine cooler that in nine short months had captured the lion’s share of the market and changed drinking habits forever.
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There are total 69 calories in the  Bacardi Rum for one serving. I am giving you the link from where you can get details about fats and other nutrients in Bacardi Rum.

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Bacardi Rum
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Bacardi Rum has fifty calories on an intake of one shot. However it is always hard on calories when you take alcoholic drinks.
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I am a die hard bacardi clear drinker because of the ads stating that it has no carbs no sugar, it never crossed my mind to ask about the calories. So how true is it that what your saying is that bacardi clear only has 50 calories per one shot, God I hope this is true because I drink a half of pint before I go out to myself so I dont have to buy drinks at the club. I also drink it straight with a lemon or lime.

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