What Is Buttercream Filling?


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This is the simplest possible filling for a sponge cake, apart from plain jam. To fill one cake, take 2 oz (50g) unsalted butter or margarine and put in a largish bowl. Add the same amount of icing sugar and stir in slowly with a wooden spoon (be careful or the icing sugar will get everywhere.) Then just spread it onto the flat side of one cake using a palette knife, and clap the two together with a thin layer of jam or, better still, sliced strawberries or whole blueberries or raspberries.
Buttercream filling is also an excellent base for a simple chocolate cake. Add about 1 ½ oz chocolate powder, spread as above and decorate with chocolate buttons. If you want to ice the top of the cake as well, just double the quantities and do the same on top. Alternatively, use coffee flavouring instead of chocolate for a coffee cake.
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Th real buttercream, I mean the european way, is made with a cooked granulated sugar syrup,eggs and real butter... Thank you

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