I'm Looking For A Pluto Cake Recipe. I Have Seen The "Pans" And Don't Have Time To Order One, So I'm Looking For A Creative Way To Create One For My Son! He's A Huge Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Fan And Wants A Pluto Cake. Thanks?


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This is how I've done it for my nephew who wanted a pluto cake. I have frosted the cake with buttercream frosting then let the frosting dry for about 2 hours, so I have a nice and dry base to decorate on. I went to disney-clipart.com and got a pluto picture from there. I enlarged the picture before printing it out on paper. Once that was done, I cut a piece of wax paper that I put on top of the picture and draw the picture on it. At this point you will have pluto on the wax paper. Turn the wax paper on the other side and draw the lines of the design with piping gel (add piping gel in a decorating bag with wilton tip 3 and use it to draw the picture). After you are done, put the paper on the cake (the side with the lines that you did draw with piping gel should go on the cake surface). Go over the design with a pencil, so the piping gel lines are printed on the cake. Lift the wax paper and you will have the lines you need to follow when decorating pluto on the cake. Now fill your decorating bags with the colors you want, add the tips you want (I like to use tip number 3 for drawing the lines and number 14 or number 16 for filling in the design; you can also use number 362 or 363 if you want to fill the design with dots instead of stars) and start drawing pluto following the lines printed on the cake. After you are done filling in the design, you need to come back over the lines again (tip number 3 with black icing), just to give some dimension to the drawing and to make it stand out more. I hope this helps! Good luck!
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Well first of all go get some planet icing colours and some edible planets, bake the cake normally and decorate it the way you want if you don't know what pluto looks like get a pic of the internet.

Hope it was helpful!

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