What Are Some Ideas For Making A Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake?


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There are many great websites out there that show you photos of homemade Mickey Mouse cakes and also explain how they achieved their designs. This is sure to help give you some great inspiration for making your Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake.

One of these websites can be found at www.wilton.com/idea/Mickey-Mouse-Clubhouse-Cake This also gives a great step-by-step guide on how to make the cake, as well as stating all the ingredients you will need when making your Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake.

If you find it hard to follow written instructions with only limited photos, then another alternative would be to watch some YouTube videos from users that have made their own Mickey Mouse birthday cakes. You will find some very useful guides at www.youtube.com/watch?v=PR8msvI_3d0 and www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vXHqkf_PG8 Also, when you are playing the video, if you look to the right hand side of the webpage you will see many more similar videos that also have advice on how to achieve a great Mickey Mouse Clubhouse birthday cake.

Remember it should be fun to make the cakes so don't worry if your first try doesn't quite cut it. You can still enjoy eating it when you carry on with your second attempt. You should feel great pride when you achieve the standard you want and will be rewarded when you see the person's face who receives your cake.
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This site here is awesome and has some ideas for what you can do for your cake.

This one here is my particular favourite, which is basically a recreation of a picture that they found.

This one here is also very cool, once again inspired by the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, in particular the toy set that they got for their child.

The other great thing is that they actually have practical tips and instructions submitted by the same people who sent the photos in and made the cakes.

Good luck and happy baking!

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Hi. My daughter is turning 3 in December. We are also planning the clubhouse theme. We too had trouble deciding what to do for the cake...and here's what we came up with.

We bought the Wilson's Ball Cake Pan. What we are going to do is bake only one half of the ball to create 1/2 circle. Place the flat part down, and that will be the clubhouse. We are then going to purchase 1 large & 2 smaller Styrofoam balls, stick popsicle sticks in them, and attach them to the top of the 1/2 circle to create the mickey mouse ears on top of the clubhouse. You can then ice the Styrofoam to make it look like part of the cake. The rest is up to your imagination. My daughter has all of the clubhouse toys. So we are going to make a sheet cake, make it look like the outside of the clubhouse (grass, trees, garden, dog house), put the clubhouse cake on top, and use some of her toys to create a scene.

I hope this helps you out some.
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My son is turning 2 as well in September. I had got the mickey clubhouse a few months ago w/out the figures, and online is the set of figurines. I am going to put them on his cake with the path and and hand air balloon made out of a clear glove, egg carton and toothpicks. Do a few bushes, with the path leading to the hot air ballon.the figures can be played with after the cake is done. I am doing a fruit arrangement of the clubhouse...I was in walmart and saw the colored fondant already made up and/or there was food coloring to paint the fondant for the door, windows, etc..to add on the fruit arrangement. Let me know how it goes, I

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