How Is Smoked Cheese Produced?


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Smoked cheese is prepared in much the same way as cheese is prepared generally with the only difference being that smoke is used to preserve the cheese while it ripens. After the cheese has ripened to a certain extent it is smoke-cured according to the desired result. Some types of cheese are preserved in smoke for a period of up to one month in a process known as cold smoking; the conditions are maintained at a temperature of about 30 degree C.

Some types of cheddar cheese are smoked by way of a process known as hot smoking in which the cheese is partially cooked with the temperature ranging from 40 to 80 degree C. The Hot smoking method is used to flavor the cheese and to give it the smoky flavor and golden brown rind characteristic of smoked cheese; smoked cheese has a distinct rich sweet taste as compared to other cheeses.

In the past smoked cheeses were preserved in chimneys or special smoke houses while today the smoking process is done in brick ovens. Some popular smoked cheeses are Chevrelait (France), Idiazabal (Spain), Damski (Poland), San Simon (Spain), Ricotta Affumicata di Pecuro (Italy), smoked Gouda (Holland) and smoked Havarti (Denmark) among others.

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