How Many Calories In A Pound Of Strawberries?


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100g of strawberries is 32 calories and 1 pound is 454g.  Therefore 1 pound of strawberries has 145 calories.

You can find the calories for a range of different quantities of strawberries here:
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There are 28 calories in one cup of fresh cut strawberries. Approx. 3 cups in one pound of cut fruit give or take, so around 84 calories.
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I think it's around 175, and too (when used as above - "to much") is spelled too (not to).
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You can't possibly decipher that a strawberry has 2.7 calories, size of the berry varies weigh to much to make that claim, it is however a fact that a pound of strawberry has about 250 calories, but way to much Sugar.
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I looked on a chart each strawberry has 2.7 calories now count how many are in a pound and do the math.

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