How Is Cottage Cheese Made?


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Cottage cheese is essentially a cheese curd product which has a mild flavour. Some whey is left over as this cheese is not pressed when it is drained. "Sweet curd" cottage cheese, which is usually made, is obtained when the curd is washed in order to remove most of the acidity. It is neither aged nor coloured. Cottage cheese is generally made using skim, pasteurized or nonfat milk. There are different variations of cottage cheese that can be made like hoop cheese, pot cheese, or farmer's cheese. Depending on the fat content you have creamed cottage cheese, low fat cottage cheese and nonfat cottage cheese. A simple method to make cottage cheese involves heating a gallon of 2% milk to 190F, then adding half a cup of vinegar and allowing it to cool. Pour into a colander and allow the whey to drain. Now pour the curds that have formed into a bowl, sprinkle around one teaspoon of salt and mix well. To get a nice silky texture you can even add a little cream.
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Cottage Cheese is so good.  Just think of it as a cheese not rotten milk. Cause thats what all cheese is

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