How Is Limburger Cheese Made?


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Limburger cheese is made from cow's milk. First, the required amount of milk is taken. Then, this milk is pasteurized at 161 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, the mlk is cooled to eighty-six degrees Fahrenheit. This milk is inoculated with cultures and curdled with rennet. Then, the curd formed is removed and is heated up to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. The cheese is obtained in rectangular moulds. This cheese is salted and kept under high moisture conditions until it ripens. It takes two weeks to become ripe.

Then, the cheese is brought down to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The ripenng process now takes few months. Few months later, the cheese is ready for consumption. The smell of Limburger Cheese is stinky. The smell is produced when the cheese ripens. The cheese is considered to have ripened when the smell is obtained for a long time. But, this cheese has a very good taste. It is best eaten with onions, fruits, crackers and vegetables.
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Good article Swaraajk! Many thanks as Limburger is my favorite cheese of all time.

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