Can You Freeze Cheese?


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I freeze hard cheeses like cheddar, buying a large block and cutting it into smaller ones.  The texture is slightly different - more crumbly but I don't find that a problem.  I also grate and freeze parmesan.
I've not tried sliced cheese, but I would think it's fine.  I'd be inclined to remove the cheese from the packaging, separate the slices and interleave them with greaseproof paper or similar.  When you pack into a container include the label from the original packaging for information.
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Yes, some may say it affects the taste but it is quite safe. I've done it and the cheese seems to be fine. If you click here you will find a lot of guidance on which cheeses freeze best and for how long. Also if you look at the bottom of that page there is a link to a page on freezing American sliced cheese.
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I have froze cheese before, and only had a problem because it wasn't wrapped well. If it isn't ind. Wrapped slices. Take out of pkg. And wrap portions with saran wrap very tightly.

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