What Does Broil Mean?


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Broil can stand for two meanings #1 all newer ovens on their settings have a bake & broil on them when on the broil setting it cooks at the top on a very high heat  & really needs to be watched very close . There is also a saying called char broil , that is cooking over an open fire or bar b q grill   hope this helps.
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The word broil means to cook by direct heat. The word broiling is also known as grilling; it is the method of cooking food with high flame of heat directly applied to the food. This method of applying direct heat to food is done via thermal radiation.

This is a well-known method of cooking food without using excessive oil and is quiet popular in low fat diets. In many electric ovens, the process of broiling is done by inserting the food close to the upper heating element, with the bottom heating element kept off and the oven door kept slightly open.

Usually gas ovens are built with a separate section for broiling, as a drawer beneath the flame. Another method which is quiet similar to broiler/grill is salamander, which is commonly used in professional kitchens.
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Broil means to cook by radiant heat. Ie it's pretty much the same as grilling.
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To cook by direct exposure to heat that is broil as in cooking, or a noisy disturbance as in a tavern etc...the best to you

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