How Do You Freeze Pate?


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You freeze pate pretty much the same way that you freeze anything else. If you have a big block, then you must first decide whether you want to freeze it like that, or to divide it up into smaller portions first. If you freeze the whole block, then you will have to defrost the whole thing at once (unless you want to attack it with a chainsaw!)

Once you have made the decision on how you want it to be frozen, then you must find a suitable container for it. You can put it into anything that will keep as much air away from it as possible, such as air tight containers, or freezer bags. This is true of anything that you wish to freeze because once the air gets to food in the freezer it will get freezer burn and lose its flavour and texture.

It is better not to freeze pate for longer than about a month because it has a high fat content. While this may be responsible for giving it much of its flavour in its original form, fat has a tendency to taste rancid if it is frozen too long, so the pate will spoil and you will be unable to enjoy it. Of course, some pates are fattier than others, for example, goose, duck and pork based pates are fattier than chicken or venison ones, so you can take this into account when you decide how long to freeze it for.

When you want to use the pate, remember to let it defrost naturally, so give it plenty of time. Don’t be tempted to defrost it in the microwave, again because of the fat content; you could overheat it and spoil it.

As with anything, do not re-freeze them pate once it has defrosted or you could be facing a nasty case of food poisoning.
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In order to freeze pate you will have to follow and take care of the next few steps. Make sure you slice it before you freeze it. Then you can put them in metal cylinders and put them in the freezer.

This procedure might have a chance of losing some flavour in the pate. Another thing that you could do is wrap up the pate in a plastic wrap tightly making sure there is no air space and then you could dump it in the freezer.

With this method you could go on freezing your pate for over a month without causing it any harm. Sometimes it can be stored for even six months. You could even store it in a plastic container with an air tight lid and keep it for freezing.
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When completly cooled place in airtight container and place in freezer,

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