Can You Freeze Cocktail Sauce?


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Thinking about freezing that left over cocktail sauce? Well, we've all been there: You're trying to cater for a house-full of guests, you've spent a great deal of time and effort laying out a mouthwatering spread which included a shrimp platter that you served alongside a tasty bowl of cocktail sauce. And even though you managed to get the perfect balance of lemon juice and horseradish and all the other ingredients, you've gone a little overboard on the portion size and now you're left with a big bowl of cocktail sauce and you really don't want to see it go to waste.

Freezing your cocktail sauce can be a good option in prolonging the longevity of your creation, giving you time to make the most of your leftover sauce. By simply sealing it into a freezer-friendly container, and introducing your sauce to a temperature that is -5 degrees Celsius (or below) you'll effectively be stopping any harmful bacteria from reproducing in your cocktail sauce, making it safe to savor at a later date.

One tip to keep an eye out for is that your sauce may become a little watery when thawing- so giving it a good stir, and even adding a bit of seasoning to help 'bring it back to life' might be a good idea.

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Yes, you can freeze it. Put it in a freezer bag or a small container with a lid. I would probably say that you can keep it for 6 months in the freezer... But not too long after that.

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