Can You Substitute Plum Sauce For Hoisin Sauce?


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Plum sauce and hoisin sauce can easily be swapped over without drastically altering a dish. You will find many recipes where you are given the option of selecting a sauce of your choice with individual preference deciding which option to take.

  • What does plum sauce consist of?

As you would expect the main ingredient in plum sauce is plum itself, either naturally or using plum jam. Garlic, ginger and vinegar are added with other ingredients being included based on individual preference. Plum sauce is a very popular side dish and is most commonly used with spring rolls, fried chicken and duck dishes.

  • What about hoisin sauce?

Hoisin sauce is spicier than plum sauce and consists heavily of spices, garlic and chilli peppers to produce a thick reddish mix not unlike plum sauce in appearance. Hoisin sauce is most commonly used with poultry and fish dishes.

  • Chinese food worldwide?

With the largest population in the world it is no surprise that Chinese food has traveled the world, with restaurants to be found in every major city. Although the Chinese population is vast, its food has been warmly accepted by the natives in most continents and in many countries there will be more Chinese restaurants than any other type. With its rich variety and adaptability its popularity is no great surprise.

As an established favorite throughout the world, generations of people are being brought up on Chinese food following its introduction; mainly during the 1970's.

From the introduction of restaurants people began to make Chinese meals in their own homes with recipe books selling well, allowing discerning diners to match up their own favorites, indulging in different sauces such as plum and hoisin.

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