What Is The Difference Between Hoisin Sauce And Plum Sauce?


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Both hoisin sauce and plum sauce are used extensively in the preparation of Asian, especially Chinese, cuisine.

Hoisin sauce is a sauce made from soybeans that have either been mashed or fermented. The fermented or mashed soybeans are usually combined with such ingredients as sugar, garlic, vinegar and spices. The consistency of each variety of hoisin sauce is different. By and large, hoisin sauce is either yellow or reddish-brown in colour. The best consistency of hoisin sauce is the thick, pasty variety. The taste of a good hoisin sauce is typically a combination of sweet and spicy. It has a hint of the famous five spices of China. It goes well with meat, especially Peking duck.

Plum sauce is made of Chinese plums, ginger and chilli. It sometimes has the extract of sweet potato as a thickener. It is a good dip and is also used as an accompaniment for many stir-fired Chinese dishes. It is mostly served with pork, roast chicken and barbecued spare ribs

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