What Cocktails Can You Make With Vodka?


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Although in its Eastern European and Scandinavian homelands it is mostly drunk neat, its usefulness in cocktails is what has made it universally popular. There are a whole lot of cocktails made from vodka, ranging from the Bloody Mary to the Bloody Bull.

The top ten vodka cocktails include the Tatanka, which is the favorite cocktail in Poland. This is a mixture of Apple Juice and Zubrowka, served in a 2:1 ratio with ice. The metropolitan, which is a mixture of Absolut Kurant vodka, Cointreau, fresh limejuice and cranberry juice. The Moscow Mule which is a shot of vodka, with lime, topped up with ginger beer or ale. The Vodka Espresso is a shot of vodka with a large shot of freshly made espresso coffee, a dash of Toissant liqueur and a dash of sugar syrup. The Bloody Mary, which is possibly the best known cocktail the world over is made with a mix of vodka, tomato juice, a dash of tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, a teaspoon of horseradish sauce, and a quick grind of salt and pepper. The White Russian, Anouchka, Dillitini, Detroit Martini, and Harvey Wallbanger, are all among the tope ten vodka covktails.

Other well known vodka cocktailas are the Cosmopolitan, Vodka Martini, Screwdriver, Sea Breeze, Sex on the Beach, Bloody Bull, Blue Lagoon, Kretchma Cocktail, Major Tom, Mazrick, Purple Passion, and the Russian Cocktail.

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Cosmopolitan, screw driver, salty dog, vodkatini, chichi, vodkabull, and many more...
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You can make a quite number of cocktails with a Vodka. Perhaps two of the most popular Vodka cocktails is the "stirred not shaken" drink of James Bond, the Martini and Vesper.

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