What Should You Mix With Malibu Rum?


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Many people like to mix things like lemonade, pineapple juice and other fruit juices with their Malibu rum to create an exotic and tasty alcoholic drink.

One drink that you could make with Malibu rum is a Coconut Banana Daiquiri . This is a little different to a normal banana daiquiri. The coconut version is made using Malibu coconut rum. You will need to combine a banana, coconut rum, and cream with a serving of ice for this drink. You can also blend the mixture with ice to create a slightly different variation of this drink. You may also want to try a Malibu Creamsicle. This tastes similar to a frozen ice cream bar. The drink combines vanilla ice cream, orange juice and Malibu rum. You will need to put a scoop of ice cream in a glass, top up the glass with Malibu rum and then make the rest up with orange juice, or orange soda - it’s up to you.

Malibu and cola is a popular drink. This is an incredibly simple cocktail to make, too. The drink is made quickly using a combination of equal amounts of Malibu coconut rum, and coca cola. This is really easy to tailor to your own taste. For instance, a stronger drink would just require more coconut rum, whilst a weaker cocktail will just need more cola put in there.

The Ultimate June Bug is another variation of Malibu rum, too. This offers a huge variety of flavours in one glass, and it makes for an incredibly tasty and exotic cocktail. You will need to combine, in equal quantities, banana liqueur, sweet and sour mix, some pineapple juice and of course Malibu coconut rum. Remember, you can experiment with Malibu rum and create your very own cocktails - it’s a really versatile drink.
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This isn't a drink, but awesome all the same. Get a packet of Pineapple jello and mix some Malibu in with it to make a jello shooter. They are so good!
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With vodka to make it more effective. Or neat as a mouthwash alternative.
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Me and my friends just drink it straight lol but we share the bottle between the 4 of us.

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