How To Store Your Malibu Rum?


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Robin Burden answered
Malibu rum, like all rums, can safely be stored at room temperature. Although some people prefer to keep their Malibu refrigerated, this is by no means required.

Does Malibu need to be stored in the fridge?
While most people instinctively know that spirits like whiskey or rum are usually kept at room temperature, there can be some ambiguity regarding other liqueurs and spirits.

Although Malibu is technically a 'flavored rum', its high sugar content and syrupy texture make it more of a liqueur.

Most liqueurs can safely be stored at room temperature for months (this even applies to creamy liqueurs like Bailey's or Advocaat) - because alcohol content and other preservatives make the liquid a hostile environment for the bacteria which makes food and drink go off.

How do I store Malibu rum?
My advice is that, unless you're dealing with a home bar that doesn't see much action, a bottle will still be OK for consumption for several months after it's opened.

Although sugary liqueurs will go off quicker than spirits like whiskey, even they should last several moths without refrigeration.

With sugary drinks like Malibu, the main thing you'll want to watch out for is insects. Sugary drinks attract small insects like fruit flies, so keeping your bottle well-sealed is the best way to protect its contents.

The only reason you may want to store Malibu in a fridge is if you want the beverage to be chilled and ready for sipping on. If you've got space in your fridge, I say, "go for it!"
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Mel Brandle answered

I personally would not keep the Malibu rum in the fridge. I've found that sweet liqueurs kept in refrigeration are likely to crystallise in the cold. Of course you've to make sure that the lip of the bottle is cleaned well when you're keeping it in there too, but honestly the best way to keep liquors is out in the open so you can be reminded that it's there to be drunk!

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james caison answered
Lots of people put Malibu rum in the fridge when storing it for a long period of time.

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