Should I Put A Bottle Of Malibu Caribbean Rum In The Fridge?


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Tracy Koroma answered
Well, you can if you want to - you don’t need to though, as rum will keep for ages!

The only good reason for keeping rum in the fridge is because you want to drink it cold. It does taste nicer when it’s chilled, but if there’s no space in the fridge, I wouldn’t worry about where you store it!

I’ve got a bottle of Malibu that’s been in the kitchen for several months now, and it’s perfectly fine. The alcohol content and the sugar content mean that Malibu takes forever to go bad.

I don’t even know if it would spoil - I can imagine it would last for donkey’s years. The chances of Malibu going bad before you have a chance to drink it are pretty low!

Enjoy your Malibu - I find it’s particularly nice with Sprite or 7-Up and a slice of lemon!
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Kristi DeMilta answered
It's probably best to store your rum in the refrigerator, honestly. I've never really heard of leaving the rum out, as it's best served and kept chilled when you're not drinking it.
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Aisha answered
Well, it would be best if you put it in the fridge. You can also keep it in room temperature but I think it works best in the fridge.
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There's not any reason to, unless you just want to keep it cold. Storing it with the rest of your liquor is fine.

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