How To Make Some Drinks Using Malibu Rum And Malibu Passion Rum?


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Being a nightclub owner and bartender for many years, Malibu rums make wonderful blended drinks. You can pretty much be creative and experiment with flavored rums and any kind of juice mixtures. One of the most common and one of my favorites is the pina colada. If you have a blender and to make your beverages even more interesting, get a juicer and make fresh juice. Good luck and enjoy
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Malibu rum and Malibu Passion rum works great with almost any citrus juice. So you can make new cocktails by using equal amounts of  citrus juice and one of these rums with loads of ice.
Here is a link for any further recipes for drinks using Malibu rum and Malibu passion rum:
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Here's a special summer cocktail that contains Malibu:
-25ml malibu
-25ml southern comfort
-12.5ml lemon&lime juice
-passion fruit puree
pinapple juice
(shake and pour over ice into a rock glass)
crowned with passoa passion fruit liqueur
garnish with passionfruit wedge

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