How Should I Store Food In My Fridge?


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Modern refrigerators come with good instructions on how to store foods and lots of specially designed features to encourage you to use the fridge most efficiently. Most firdges have salad compartments at the bottom. These are great for any raw veg although cucumbers can spoil quickly and, if possible, are better off stored in a cool larder. All uncooked meats and fish should be covered and stored below fresh foodstuffs such as dairy products that could be contaminated with dripping juices. Also the base of the fridge (usually just above the salad compartments) is the coldest part. Milks should be stored high up along with fats such as butter and margarine. Keep these covered and away from strong flavoured food as dairy products and eggs can easily absorb other flavours. Any cooked leftovers or prepared foods waiting to be consumed should be covered and stored above uncooked foods and below the dairy shelf.

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