How Should Potatoes Be Stored?


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Ideally potatoes should be stored in relatively cool conditions where there is no light and they need to be removed from the plastic bags they were probably bought in. Ideally a cotton bag should be used for storing potatoes, since this lets them breathe without absorbing light.
This is important because when a potato absorbs light its solanine content increases. Solanine is actually a poisonous alkaloid which can cause at the least an upset stomach, sometimes much worse, although it would take a very large amount of solanine to cause death. The rate of solanine increases by 400% every 24 hours, so light really should be avoided.
If a potato goes green or it has sprouted tubers then the potato has absorbed light and so is not safe to eat. The solanine goes right the way through the potato, so just cutting off the green bit will not help at all.

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