Has Papaya Got A Lot Of Vitamin C In It?


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Yes, papaya has got a lot of Vitamin C in it. Apart from that it also has a good amount of Vitamin A. Thus, papaya is a real good source for Vitamin A and Vitamin C. In an average amount of serving (140 gm), it contains 150% Vitamin C and 8% of Vitamin A. Also it has a good amount of dietary fiber in it – 2 gm (10%). Besides that, it contains 4% calcium and 2% iron in it. And more wonderful thing is that, it is absolutely fat-free and cholesterol-free and also it contains a very nominal level of sodium. In addition, it contains a little amount of sugar, though it has a sweet taste. Also it has only 70 calories in that amount of serving. Hence, it is undoubtedly a healthy and nutritious fruit to have for daily usage indeed.
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Yes, Papaya has a lot of vitamin C in it. Papaya is a fruit. It has a lot of minerals like potassium, vitamin especially vitamin C. Nature gave us a lot of blessings one of them are fruits. Different fruits have different vitamins, minerals in them. Some of them are good for our health; some of them play an important for healthy and shiny skin. Papaya has also a lot of minerals, enzymes in it which helps us in different ways. One of the most important thing about papaya. It helps in digestion if you overeat food after that what you have to do is, just eat papaya it helps you in digestion. Papaya has a great taste so that everyone can enjoy!
You can use papaya in different ways one of them is;
In a bowl, cut all vegetables of your choice and add papaya in it, add a pinch of salt, black pepper and 1 tsp vinegar mix it . Second way to add papaya in your daily life is to eat it as a fruit or take some fruits mixed with sugar salt and black pepper add some papaya in it and enjoy this great fruit. Thanks
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