What Food And Drinks Are Most Common At Super Bowl Parties?


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Karen answered
Nachos and tequila...Party is on!!!! Go Saints! All the Way!
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Any combination of the following:

Submarine sandwiches
Chicken wings
hot dogs


Iced tea
More Beer
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Anonymous answered
Coke and potato chips
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Anonymous answered
Brats and Beer
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Merlin Paine answered
Beer by the kegs and cases
hot wings, boiled shrimp with cocktail sauce,nachos, chili, chips and dip,
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jacques slabouz answered
Pizza,beer,chips,wine,liquor,cheeses, deli meats, wings,more beer,brats,short ribs,tacos..
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U buying the whole store?? I wanna come to ur party and watch the Saints smokin dem Colts!!
jacques slabouz
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GO SAINTS!!! I have a pretty nice bet going with a new lady friend of mine...(I have the saints to win) Choice of dinner anywhere and full body massage...if I win or lose...i still have something to look forward to....he he he...
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Deemarcas Day answered
Beer, beer and beer. Then chili, nachos, chips & dip, hot dogs, pizza, wings, any and all snack foods.
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John answered
Tortilla chips and bean dip with cheese salsa mix.sort of like a nacho supreme from taco bell. With a variety of pops. Maybe brats/foot long chili cheese coneys.
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Annie Devore answered
Crystal Meth And Steroids.. HA Ha!! No Really I Think It's Nachos, Pepperoni..  Beer, Coke,   Dips.. Wings... Of Course Dominoes And Pizza Hut Make A Mint. Probably..  I Don't Think It's Ensure Or V8 Fusion.. No No They Are Actually GOOD For You..Does Anyone Even Attempt To Chow Down On  Ground Turkey Sliders & G2?? Of Course Not.. Better Take That Prevacid And Zocor...Zantac 75?. You Ask A Lot Of Questions. You Are Like Magnum PI Or Sam Spade. Do You Carry A Notepad And Own A Trench-coat?? How About  Rayban Sunglasses? HA Ha..
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yarnlady answered
It's all been covered. Notice how nobody said anything about wine or vegetables? We don't have a SuperBowl Party at our house, but we do have wine and a delicious vegetable platter, with spinach dip
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james caison answered
Depends on locale, the best response is pizza, more pizza is sold on this day than any other day of the year. As for home fixings we always do Taco soup or chili, basically the same recipe.
This year however in honor of the Saints I will be fixing seafood gumbo and a very hot and spicy
cornbread casserole. There will also be hot crab dip, meat balls and vegetable sticks and chips
and crackers of all varieties. Beverages will be all adult with the exception of some southern sweet tea to wash all the goodies down. Go Saints, Who Dat !
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Anonymous answered
It must be nachos, pizza, nachos, coke, chicken wings, hotdogs, hamburgers, sour cream and many other attractive goodies. Go Go Go!!!!!! Win it all!!!
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Glenn Greenwood answered
Pizza and beer, I would think. (My friend told me this morning that if it weren't for all of the beer drinkers, there would be alot more whiskey drinkers in the world).

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