What Are The Medicinal Properties Of The Papaya?


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Papaya can control the growth of cancer cells,it can help also as a dermatological medicine,like whitining the skin,we can also use this for cleansing diet ti clean our intestine.
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The papaya plant is sometimes called the "medicine tree." And that certainly is with good reason, since every part of it contains some medicinal properties. The hollow fleshy stem is rich in vitamins A, B and C, as well as in calcium, phosphorus and iron. In the trunk of the female tree are found 1-1/2 percent protein and 7 to 10 percent sugar. The milky juice in the stalks, leaves and unripe fruit is highly anthelmintic (meaning that it destroys intestinal worms). Also, the little black seeds digest and therefore eliminate all kinds of undesirable parasites in the intestines. Papaya helps to digest the protein of meat, eggs, milk, beans and similar foods, and, hence, promotes the proper functioning of the pancreas. Moreover, papaya alleviates indigestion, protects against infection, aids diabetics and hepatitis patients, and is used to clarify wine and beer.

It is the enzyme papain that makes the papaya so unique in digesting proteins. Found exclusively in papayas, papain is similar to the animal enzyme pepsin. The pharmaceutical industry has long been benefiting from papain. By the way, the greatest amount of papain is found just under the skin of the unripe fruit. So, while the papaya is still hanging on a tree, long scratches are made in the skin. The white juice oozes out, similar to the exuding of latex from rubber trees, and is caught in containers. The cuts are repeated every three to five days. While papayas ripen, the flow gradually diminishes and it stops when they are fully ripe. The dried juice then is ready for shipping.
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It helps in digesting your food.

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