What Are The Different Uses Of Cranberries?


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Dry cranberries can be used for lower urinary tract infection, recent studies have shown vast improvement if taken properly

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The cranberry has multiple utilities, be it as a health product, a food product, or as a coloring agent. Even before the Europeans first came to America, the native Indians were using cranberries to make pemmican, a long lasting cake that is prepared by mashing cranberries with dry meat. The Indians knew of the medicinal value of cranberries and used it to prepare medicinal pastes as well as potions. They also used the juice from the fruit to develop dyes with which to color their garments.

Today's world, far removed from that of the early Indians of America, has woken up to the medicinal values of the cranberry, and uses it as a medicine for a wide range of ailments. One such preparation from cranberries today is the cranberry sauce, the first of which was developed by Elizabeth Lee of Ocean County, New Jersey, in 1917.

Nowadays, there are many different usages of the cranberry. Be it as a health drink or as medication, the cranberry has come a long way, from a wild berry to a respected provider of relief for different ailments.
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Here in Alaska we have the "High Bush" cranberry and the "Low Bush" cranberry. I pick them every Fall and I make jams from them. Our cranberries in Alaska are quite different than the ones you can buy in the grocery stores. The high bush cranberry is quite a bit smaller than the ones in the grocery stores. They also have a single little seed in the center of them so after I cook them a while in a pot, I have to run them through a food mill to remove the seed. I use everything of the berry, minus the seed, in my jam. The taste of the cranberries are very similar to the ones you purchase. They are a little more tart. When I make my jam I use as much or little sugar as I want and just let it cook down. I fill my jam jars, put the seals and bands on and use a water bath canner to make sure they seal properly. We use this jam with our turkey on Thanksgiving and the taste is better, to me anyway, than the stuff you purchase at the grocery store. Plus I have the added benefit of knowing exactly what is in mine; cranberries and sugar.
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they make great cookies and wonderful bread. I have even put them in drinks...or jello.

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