Which Citrus Fruit Has The Most Vitamin C?


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From a citrus fruit it is the orange.  However the guava gives more vitamin c than any other fruit .
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Orange is the fruit that has the most vitamin C. A glass of orange juice provides more than 50mg of Vitamin C.
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I say orange. Even tho I'm not sure...I still say oarnge. My mom buys vitamin C ALL the times and it's oangr flavor. Why??? Becuse oarnges probably have the most vitamin c!!! Out of all the other citrus fruits,I meen. :0)
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According to wikipedia, clementine contains around 48.8 mg C-Vitamine per 100 gram while the orange contain 45 mg
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It is orange
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The fruit that has the most vitamin c in it is an orange. The GT group of West Wendover did a science experiment on this and came up with that answer
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It is guava actually, it has 5 times more vitamin C than an orange.
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We conducted an experiment with the citrus fruits and by far Camu camu had more Vitamin C than guava, orange, grapefruit, tangerine, kumquat, lemon, or lime.  Our next experiments will be if the drinks which espouse such high levels of Vitamin C truly do have that amount and if bottled commercial juices come close to the Vitamin C found in fresh citrus fruits of the same kind.  A good science fair experiment for the children and a great lesson for us dinosaurs!

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