Where does lemon come from?


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Lemons originated in Asia, some have linked it to Northwestern India but its absolute origin is unknown.
If you are asking about the Lemon (fruit) then these comes from its plant.
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Lemons come from a lemon tree.  A lemon tree grows best in a warm climate.  Here in the U.S. Many are grown in Florida, Texas and California...other states as well, I am sure.  Mexico has lemon trees.  Anywhere it is warm.
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The lemon is the Yun fragrant branch citrus fruits is often green the
microphanerophyte. Produces southwest originally India, China (Sichuan province
Anyue County heart shape lemon Accounts for the national output above 85%, has
the lemon lemon and so on high quality lemon production to process the base),
the Burmese north west and north, the Himalayas Shannan foothill eastern area,
still did not have the conclusion.   Now the host produces the country for
China, Italy, Greece, Spain and the US.
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from a tree, and a place that doesn't get to cold in the winter. Because all citris produces in the winter.
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Lemon trees

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