Where Does Nutmeg Come From?


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Nutmeg tree produces two varieties of species – Nutmeg and mace. Nutmeg comes from tropical Southeast Asia and Australasia. It is generally found in Banda Islands of Indonesia, Grenada, New Guinea, Mumbai of India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, etc. Grenada is known as Nutmeg Island. It has its flag designed to emphasize the value of Nutmeg there. Nutmegs are used in various purposes – culinary, essential oil production and butter production for example. Nutmeg is known in various names in different regions - noix muscade (France), Muskatnuss (Germany), noce moscata (Italy), nuez moscada (Spain), taukau (China), jaiphal (India), pala (Indonesia), buah pala (Malaysia), jathikkai (Thailand) for example.
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The nutmeg tree is originally from Banda, the largest Molucca (spice island) in   Indonesia.

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