Can Ingesting Too Much Nutmeg Kill You?


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Yes, although sources disagree on whether you are likely to die from a single dose or more likely from repeated usage. Repeated usage is hard on your liver, which can lead to fatal damage. One-off high doses (>= 7.5g) are more likely to cause death via cardiac arrest (it's a potent stimulant).

Nutmeg is sometimes promoted as a "legal" hallucinogen. You consume a large quantity (>= 3 g) and (supposedly) you'll have an amazing trip -- feeling on top of the world, and lots of visual and auditory distortions of reality.

But did you know that before and after the hallucinations you get really really REALLY ill? As in convulsions, aches all over, feeling severely dehydrated, probably vomitting everywhere and feeling like death? And that spell of feelling awful isn't brief, NO. It goes on for an hour or longer both sides of the high. Other occasional side effects, which can go on for days after ingestion, include spells of paranoia and violent impulses.

Oh, and large doses can cause miscarriages, too.

Normal doses, like you would use for cooking, have no ill such effects.
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Dude iv tripped on nutmeg like 2 times
I waigh like 115 pounds
I do about 2 tablespoons
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Ive been doing it once every week for the past 2months I feel a bit slower or dumb should I say but wt vr

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