What Can Substitute Nutmeg?


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You don't have to add nutmeg, most people don't, so don't worry about it, if you are really worried about it, then add a little clove, but not much. Hope this helps.
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If I had run out of nutmeg and had to find a substitute I think I would try one of the following spices. Firstly I would try ground cinnamon, often used in sweet and savoury dishes. No cinnamon, then how about ground ginger? The piquancy should give your zucchini cake a real zing. As a last resort, sparingly - ground cloves.
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All spice is a really great subsitute for baking. It has a bunch of spice,including nutmeg.Just go easy on it because it can over power the zuccini bread if you use to much.
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My husband does not like nutmeg so I substitute cinnamon in my recipe
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I would also use allspice which has a little bit of cinnamon, nutmeg and other spices which is good in apple pie and banana bread and pumpkin bread or pie.
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For zucchini bread, I would definitely agree with epictetus: Cinnamon!

I would also add that it will taste fine without nutmeg or cinnamon if you are really stuck.
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Allspice is a separate spice altogether. I think you are thinking of pumpkin pie spice that has those other ingredients. Allspice would be a good substitute though.
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If you are using a yeast type bread recipe, cinnamon is not really good sub as it can counter the yeast production

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