Can You Ingest Topamax And Alcohol?


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I have been on topamax for 7 years and I do drink alcohol on it.  I know that it is bad but I still do it.  I feel that I probably have more of a reaction from the alcohol faster then if I wasn;t taking the topamax.  I take topamax for a seizure disorder.  I know that I am risking having a seizure by drinking.  I would not recommend drinking and taking topamax.
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I am on Topamax for migrains as well as a prescibed pain med. For the magrain once it starts. It is dangerous for your mother to be mixing alcohol with a prescribed drug. Even if Topamax is a preventative for the mograins. Nothing may not happen right away, and she is lucky if not. But eventually she may have an accidental overdose and die. I would hate for that to happen. Please be careful, trust me a glass of wine with dinner is common but should not be mixed when on prescribed drugs especially Topamax. Enjoy your holidays...JoAnnea527
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No I  got much  drunk very quickly

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