What Do You Do With Fenugreek?


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Fenugreek has a very important impact on human health. It is known as one of the best useful medicinal herb. It has various uses, including as the positive catalyst (galactagogue, a milk-producing agent) for breast-milk production as well as breast enhancement. Recent studies also suggest that fenugreek does influence blood sugar level by means of reducing sugar in blood. The study even suggests that fenugreek is also useful for patients with high blood pressure and it also works well with insulin for diabetic patients. In Indian and Pakistani dishes, it is used in vegetable dishes ~ there it is commonly termed as 'Kasuri Methi'. Fenugreek is useful in the syrup production because of its potent aroma compound sotolone. Fenugreek is used in famous Iranian recipe called Ghormeh Sabzi, as one of the four ingredients. It is also used in hair as supportive conditioner. It is used in the production of butter. There are plenty of uses of fenugreek, here are only listed some. So you can do lots of things with fenugreek ~ it entirely depends on the purpose of your use.
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Horticultural practices of fenugreek plant

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