What Does An Oyster Mushroom Look Like?


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Delun Kang answered

The oyster mushroom is actually pink in color and has been grown on hardwood logs and stumps by native Asians for centuries. Golden oysters are beige to bright yellow with white stems; blue oysters are gray to a light blue in color. Oyster mushrooms are a bit fragile and should be handled carefully. There are so many mushroom spawn suppliers like available, which provides the highest-quality of  Oyster mushroom spawn & oyster mushroom logs. Thanks.

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Sudipa Sarkar answered
As its name implies, oyster mushroom looks like same as oyster. This type of mushroom has oyster type of caps on it, which are available in layers onto it. When it grows in dried deciduous (loose leaves in Fall) wood, it seems like a cluster of oysters are there associated with it. The caps are usually moist, hairless, fragrant and the colour comes in white to smoky grey. They are about 2-7.5 inches wide in size. It has texture ranging from very soft to stringy depending on the strain and time of harvesting. These mushrooms are fleshy and are very useful in cooking of various dishes.

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