What Does An Hickory Jack Mushroom Look Like?


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Hickory Jack mushrooms are very popular mushrooms stateside and are very prevalent from late summer to the middle of the autumn, but are known to grow in May if the weather is suitable. Hickory Jack Mushrooms bear a similarity with the Hen of the Woods mushrooms; they are a beautiful white mushroom with a parasol like shape. They grow in clusters at the bottom of oak ad elm and other trees in damp areas that are covered in vegetation, such as forests or wooded land.
Hickory Jack Mushrooms are also well known for their aromatic smell and are considered to be top quality fare for the table. They are otherwise known as Pleurotus ostreatu in the area of mycology.
They are also very popular with Asian food stores.
One of the most important things to remember when picking wild mushrooms is to be careful. Wild mushrooms can be poisonous and it is best to take a knowledgeable mycologist to ensure what you pick are safe mushrooms. Always make sure that you don’t eat mushrooms should you have the faintest doubt it isn’t what you think it is.
Before you mushroom pick you should read one of the many books on mushrooms that exist. Then go on a dry run, picking mushrooms and comparing them to those in the book when you get home. This ensures you have the knowledge necessary to pick mushrooms for eating. The only way to be sure a mushroom is edible is to positively identify it. Always take into account the surroundings and make sure they comply with the advice of books you’ve read.
This will make sure that you’ll enjoy mushrooms you pick and not suffer any consequences of a mistaken identity.
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Look up a Hen Of The Woods mushroom. They are the same. They look like a cluster of Brown tops and white flesh coral.

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