Can You Eat Beetroot Raw?


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Beetroot can be eaten raw, and is mostly enjoyed in salads and similar cold dishes in this natural, uncooked form. It is a highly versatile vegetable that can be cooked in a variety of different ways, but consuming beetroot raw after twisting off the leaves and trimming down the roots is perhaps the simplest way of all when it comes to preparing this root vegetable.

Although some prefer their beetroot to be pickled or cooked in a certain manner before they eat it, it's not uncommon to find that many people prefer specific varieties of the vegetable in their raw form. Baby beetroots, for instance, are often grated and added to salads for bulk and added taste. Raw beet can also be juiced for a healthy and surprisingly refreshing beverage that has a wide range of health benefits and is low in calories and fat.

If you want to experience the variety of tastes and textures that the beetroot has to offer, however, you should really consider experimenting with different cooking techniques. Boiling is one method that's often used, but bear in mind that Vitamin-C is water-soluble and so will dissolve in solution through this preparation method. Pickling is often used to add flavor and help preserve the beet, and it's possible to buy jars of the root vegetable in this form in most grocery stores. Alternatively, you can even roast beet as part of a delicious summer roasted vegetable selection.

Nutritional analysis of the beetroot shows it contains high levels of vitamin-C and the mineral Iron, which is essential for hemoglobin that's needed by the body's red blood cells. Historically, the vegetable has even been used as a medicine to treat conditions including depression, dandruff and constipation. However, one obvious drawback of the beetroot that presents itself whether you eat it raw or in an alternative form is its staining properties. It's therefore advisable to wear gloves to avoid coloring the skin and nails purple when preparing this popular root crop.
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Beetroots can be boiled, roasted and yes, can also be eaten raw. They do have to be pealed with a knife or a potato peeler.
Some people advise eating beetroot raw as that would have most of its nutrients intact. The beetroot can also be grated and eaten with a dash of lime to add flavor.

It can also be added to salads raw; do remember to peel the skin though. Raw beetroots eaten individually are an acquired taste and may take several attempts getting used to. Beetroots are very rich and juicy and tend to stain hands red when cut this is less so when they have been boiled. The stains come off with lemon or most dish washing liquids.
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Yes beetroot when eaten raw provides more nutrition to the body. It generates pure blood and purifies existing blood. Wash it properely before eating or peel the skin as it is taken from underground and has more dirt on the surface,
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I can't eat it loll.

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