Why Can Animals Eat Raw Meat And Humans Can't?


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I've eat raw meat just about every day for the past 3 years. (This includes beef, chicken, fish, organs of various animals, as well as raw eggs). I know many other individuals that do the same and experience great health benefits as a result. The sources of meat are consciously chosen, and many are procured from local farms or from other truly wild sources. Many of us supplement with green vegetable juices and small amounts of fruit. Look into primitive cultures, and traditional foods in societies around the world. Seek out longevity amongst truly primitive peoples. Check out Aajonus Vonderplanitz.    Contrary to some of the views here, I have consumed meat that has bacterially decomposed for up to a year, and regularly eat meat that has been left at room temperature for days at a time. Formerly I suffered from crohn's/colitis and dropped down to a weight of 90lbs. (skin and bone) and was diagnosed with skin cancer a number of years ago. I am now 160lbs. At 5'10 with a healthy musculature and perfect digestion. After years of consuming plenty of raw meat and fat I have never felt healthier in my life. Friends, family and others regularly comment on my extraordinary level of health, to which I have no qualms regarding the explanation of my unique approach to them.    Bacteria, parasites, fungi, mold, etc. Set-up shop in degenerative tissue, toxic cells, and internal environments destroyed through synthetic compounds, antibiotics, heavy metals, chemicals, pesticide/herbicide residues, etc. Support the body with the materials that it was specifically designed to digest (i.e. Raw meat/fat). If you cook your meat and fat, you destroy not only the living bacteria (which go to work within your body carrying out many vital processes) but also the innumerable amount of various enzymes, vitamins, and cells (which lose their integrity through application of high temperatures). There is no substance better at regenerating human cells than meat, in its raw state. This can be seen in practitioners with success in rebuilding various human organs through the consumption of those organs from animal sources.    A few commented here on the digestive set-up of humans, being specifically geared toward the digestion of meat. I will further strengthen these comments by stating that we are perfectly designed to digest and assimilate meat in its raw state. A dog or cat (carnivores) produce a higher hydrochloric acid concentration in their stomach. Although they produce higher concentrations limited mainly to the regions of the stomach, humans actually produce just as much, but throughout the entire length of our digestive tract. Through the heating or cooking of meat, many toxic compounds are created as well as a huge loss of inherent assimilable water. This water (if left intact and not ruptured through heating of cells), is completely cellularly utilizable for a human being. It seems we don't realize that overcooking meat may contribute to a loss of bodily vitality at a much younger age as well as sapping many, many potential years from our lifespan.    Seek truth. Belief is easy. Popular culture and opinions are everywhere. Media and schooling have an uncanny way of limiting a human's true contemplative faculties for further insight into uncharted territory. People will parrot myths all day long without any real verifiable or subjective experience. Research societies around the world and look for those cultures with brimming health and freedom from disease. Go to the source for your research, avoiding third party conclusions, here-say, and opinionated research. Listen to authentic pioneers and individuals who settle for nothing less than truth and first-hand experience into the nature of topics and subjects such as this. You'll find these individuals are oftentimes motivated through a passion to truly uncover truth and to serve others. I have come to realize that so-called experts fall extremely short of their title, and professionals are anything but.    May you this-cover true health.
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I've eaten raw meat since i was about 7. Thought sausages tasted better before you cooked them, still do. To most people's horror, I'm not fussy about the history of the raw meat I eat - if it's there, i eat it. However, last night, i did an iffy thing. I ate about 150g of the ikg of raw mince (from butcher) i was about to use to make spaghetti bolognaise. No problems. Then I later ate a bowl of the (cooked meat) bolognaise. In my tummy: Cooked + uncooked. NOT GOOD! Any ideas why i can't mix?
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I would liek toe xchange more about raw foods, raw meat, etc...

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Word . Raw meat=saving life. Need I say more. I was losing weight fast after five years of stomach pain and no diagnosis. Not to mention the ten thousand spent. Then my nervous system started freekin out. Pain in arm, back, head, under arms. Wierd stuff because I grew up healthy and very athletic. But I partied pretty hard, in many different ways so I had it comin I guess. I eat raw meat, drink raw milk and cream. Raw honey. Juice the rest mainly. Health returned. Bless up. Bsweet
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Humans are omnivores - ie they can eat meat and veg. They have teeth which can cut (incisors), pierce and tear (canines), chew (molars). Some people are more naturally inclined towards vegetarianism, some thrive on eating almost all meat. The comment someone made about salmonella - salmonella are bacteria which can live on all kinds of surfaces not just meat. Humans (and animals) build up immunity from bacteria like salmonella, listeria and staphylococcus simply by picking it up from the myriad different ways these bacteria can pass around, hence warnings are only issued for pregnant women, elderly, babies and people with immuno-deficient illnesses, because almost every normal adult has their own built-up immunity. Only when you pick up a large 'community' of these bacteria does it make you ill. The current trend to kill off all bacteria known to mankind on every surface of your environment does no favours as it removes the chance for the human body to produce its own antibodies, so then when you finally do eat that slightly old egg or badly re-heated pizza you will go down like a ton of bricks. Having said all this, I have been vegetarian for 27 yrs and recently have introduced some meat and fish in my diet with no ill effect. But I still prefer veg!
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Very well said, i see you answered this 2 years ago, i'm curious are you still eating some meat or have you returned to being a vegetarian?
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Who says humans can't eat raw meat? Ever heard of steak tartar? Sushi? Smoked salmon? Humans discovered that dead things after a fire tasted quite nice (not a nice image, but real life probably wasn't all that great in Neanderthal times), and since then we've been cooking anything we can lay our hands on. We are quite capable of eating raw meat, until our teeth give out, but we have not evolved physically as fast as we have invented dental hygiene.
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"Humans discovered that dead things after a fire tasted quite nice"
what evidence do you have to support that claim?
while we can't be too sure exactly why we started cooking meat, taste doesn't seem to be high on the priorities list of early man and/or neanderthals.
when meat is cooked, it is more readily digested and consumed much quicker! chewing up raw meat properly take forever and uses up large percentages of the potential energy gained from the meat.
when we finally started cooking our meat, there was a MASSIVE explosion of protein intake that turbo charged the development of our growing brains.
this can clearly be seen when examining the history of hominids.
so, to answer this question, hominids, our ancestors, ate bone marrow and raw meat for over 7 million years.
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We too can eat raw meat, it just that we prefer to eat cooked meat.

Not only because of the taste, but because raw meat can carry harmful bacteria.
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Think of the Inuit - they had an almost total meat diet. The reason they did not get scurvy from eating no vegetables and fruit was because a lot of the meat and fat they ate was raw and contained vitamin C. Soon as the missionaries made them cook it all, they started going down with scurvy...
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OK, so I will explain it this way. My great-grandmother was a Native American, she was born to the Pomu tribe in Northern California. She never ever cooked her food. She had some natural herbs that she used for things like headaches, boils, and other things. She mostly thow ate raw vegetables, spouts, beans, nuts, fruits, and seeds, but about 2-3 times a week she would also eat raw never cooked meats, (goat, chicken, pig, elk, deer, sheep, and every fish and shell-fish you can think of).

She has now passed away
at the ripe old age of 108 years old
She still had her mind about her and never had been sick a day in her long life.
She simply went to bed and didn't wake up.
Did I mention she was 108 years old.
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After reading about your native American gandma, here is my story! People CAN eat raw meat. And i actually do all the time! Our culture all eat raw meat and the countries around. I am Lebanese by the way. My grandpa ate raw meat his whole life and he just died and was 105 years old. Raw meat is delicious it just have to be fresh and you should know which cut you should eat.
If you go to a lebanese restaurant try to order the RAW KEBBEH. I eat it every Saturday with my family.
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I am a chef, so from a chef's point of view I will tell you we can (as humans and primates) eat raw meats and fish. The problem is not with the product, meat or fish) the problem is with the handling of the product. Fresh meat at temperature(42^f or below) is fine. Handled within of the danger zone ( above 45^f-120^f) is bad. The French eat raw meat as an appetizer, it is called steak Tar tar (sp)
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I'm a former Ranger, and we ate raw meat, living snakes, and bugs to get through survival school! You are brainwashed! What did the caveman eat before fire, because?
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Animals have an acid stomach and the bacteria in raw meat does not have a chance to thrive.
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I had a history of food allergies ....as I got older I got sicker and weighed very little, ate brown rice for my one meal a day....was told and read it was the easiest food to digest...yrs went by and I wanted to get my weight  back up so I began to work out heavy as I did before yrs ago just after high school....this time I began to get very sick the more I ate I would get heart palpitations,  chronic fatigue, terrible shortness of breath,  extremely over heated all yr around,  really high blood pressure.....so I noticed that the only thing that didn't bother me was raw vegetables. Cooked meat, bread,  and almost any cooked food gave me those reactions......As I worked out hard with weights and ran at night I still had those sensations from food....I was weighing about 145lb 6'1" felt great but looked sick.  As long as I ate raw vegetables I was fine......I knew I needed protein in my diet so I began to eat raw bean flour and raw wheat.....this was the first time I felt  really strong from eating something in years.....problem was it gave me so much gas.  I studied and searched online and books for answers.  I found that we are born with a certain amount/ability to create enzymes and once we get a certain age we began using them up.  I learned we need enzymes to heal (or keep our immune working properly) , digest food,  and to grow......SO,  I began doing research on raw meats.....just the thought of it was sicking to me....I read that you can cure most raw meats with lemon or freezing for 15 consecutive days which will kill the bad bacteria and not hurt the good ones or good enzymes.  I started with sushi and I noticed the raw fish had no real flavor....kinda reminded me of raw vegetables......so I  tied raw fish by itself.....I felt better than I ever did ....it was very slyme and I just knew it would make me sick to the stomach,  but after getting past the feeling and thought of that,  I felt great as if I just ate one of my huge gallon size salads.  Later I tried chicken them beef......Now I'm stuck on the beef.....I eat it like a hand- burger and just act like its done......I am inspired to read the above boast and to know that all this people of old did the same thing and lived a long life...God bless
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I eat raw meat/fish all the time - I prefer raw beef over cooked anyways. I have never been sick by something such as salmonella or a parasite from this. You can certainly eat raw meat. I personally prefer beef, venison, lamb, fish, and shellfish; but it's always up to your tastes and what your body can handle. When it comes to fish, wasabi was traditionally served with raw fish in Japan because it has a chemical in it to help hinder the effects of food poisoning. Honestly, with or without wasabi, I've been just fine.

I agree with the chef about how it's handled. Anything, cooked or otherwise, can make you sick if it has not been properly handled, stored, or prepared. I would not recommend just going to just any grocery store and pick up a raw steak and start chewing on it; but if you are interested, you can check around on the proper way to prepare this kind of diet.
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We CAN eat raw meat. There is no physical hindrance that prevents us from eating raw meat.


1. We have been cooking food for thousands of years. Your stomach might not like it.
2. There is the possibility of bacteria or parasites living on the raw meat.
3. It probably won't taste good.

By all means, though, if you're stuck in the wilderness I encourage you to eat raw meat and live snakes.
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Due to enzymes animals have and we don't. You can get salmonella from cat's, lizards,turtles and other animal's!!
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Dna memory mix of adaption and evolution due to enviroment and lifestyle and all that complicated stuff.

Humans for 10,000's of years have been living in tribes using unique methods of food prep and such. We are accustomed to cooked food (as our ancestors salted,dried,fermented, and smoked things just like we do) and thus have more dependence over time on the food being cooked. In other words we have lost that natural immunity you build up from many  generations of hardships and the bacteria that live in organisms have continued to evolve all the same. They simply out gun us - but not our animal friends who kept about business as usual and have their own highly selective defenses.

So basically the more generations that we have at our current luxurious (at least in comparison to almost EVERY other organism on this planet which is workng 24-7 just to be fed and not be fed upon) lifestyle the more dependant we will be on air purifiers, vitamins, chlorinated water and what not. Our feet may even take on the shape of a brake and gas pedal if people keep spending their lives in their cars and never using their own stuff :)

technology and medicine are going to expand big time - because they are going to have to. We are seeing the signs of problems from changing course and have not yet seen technology keep up to the new ailments. I imagine the future generation something like congratulations you just had a boy!- here is his universal health approved bubble biosphere until he can receive his  immune system seed implants.
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The only reason that animals are blessed with the ability to eat raw meat and we are not is that animals have these sharp piercing teeth that helps them in ripping through the flesh. Secondly, these body and digestive system contains certain juices and enzymes that can digest the meat.
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Hi by my mind, human can eat raw meat too if they like as there are some of dish is made by it but human is not the same animal, we have knowledge we know what can eat or not, human is different ,like Japanese dish they are raw specially are fishes so we should eat what we can , right ?
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I have only tried raw fish. I did not like the texture or taste, but that can happen with cooked food as well. Antonio43 really made a valid point about the handling of the raw meat & fish. I might add, you can become sick from cooked food also, cross contamination and food served at improper temperatures can send you to the hospital too.
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I have similar experience to @Rawrebuild.  Animals don't kill bacteria.  They live symbiotically with it.  People get sick and tired by wrongly trying to kill it all the time.  I changed.  Relax.  Learn.  If you get diarrhea the first time you eat raw meat, that's good.  You will get accustomed to raw meat soon, and your health will get better than it was from back before you tried this wonder food.

Isn't the appendix for digesting plant fiber (or was)?
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Who said come on lets be true here human can also eat raw fish but their mouth and teeth and digestive system will not accept for so long
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Humans have an organ called an appendix, it digests raw food. The appendix lost it's use after the "cavemen" days because we learned to cook the food first and we evolved out of its use. Since animals don't even have thumbs, they can't build a fire and need it. They kept it through evolution.
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Humans can eat raw meat but cooking it disguises the fact that it is a dead piece of an animals body.   Another point is that humans are omnivores and so we do not have the dental formula of a true carnivorous animal and so eating raw meat is more difficult for us than for a true carnivore. We also lack a true carnivorous gut and so eating raw meat would be more difficult to digest  that cooked meats.    Cooking  also causes chemical changes and ,to most people ,makes the meat more palatable.
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Animals have something special in their digestive system which kills the bacteria in the meat and allows them to eat raw meat.
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My 7yr old just ate uncooked burgers - not advised. Although my family and I have large canines (we must be throwbacks?!?) we don't as a rule eat raw meat so are not used to the bacteria in it which cooking kills. I think he will be sat on the toilet soon!
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Because worms like to eat people because we taste like chicken, so when we do eat raw meat....bombs away!
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Because think of it... If we eat raw meat when will die sooner and get sicknesses anyways what I'm trying to say is that anamalz don't care what they eat
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Sule16, animals care a lot what they eat - ever seen a gazelle munching a beefburger? If you held a burger under its nose it still wouldn't eat it. Any cat-owners will tell you how fussy cats are about their food. Humans care the least what they eat, look at the ingredients on any jar of anything and you'll see a long list of chemicals, many of them are harmful: Enumbers, preservatives, aspartame.... eating raw meat will not necessarily make you die younger, or get sicknesses - more likely to die from colon cancer from white bread etc

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