How Do You Use Fennel In Cooking?


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I often add fennel in with the onions when I made homefries.  I love it so much, I even sweat it in butter and eat it plain.  : )

Fennel also compliments shellfish and all seafood, and chicken.  Just treat the bulbous part as though it is an onion when you are slicing and dicing it, and cooking.
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Sudipa Sarkar answered
The taste of Fennel is very subtle and delicate. Fennel can be used in cooking in various ways. The most common form of Fennel is called Florentine Fennel, which is available all year round. It can be used as breaded, braised or fried, sauté with garlic sauce, or even raw in salad. It can be roasted with tomatoes and garlic which brings a wonderful flavour if you add pasta with it. It is not as necessary as some cooks do to remove its outer layer, rather, it is advised to peel its stringy fibers in the outer layer. After doing so, you can slice them horizontally and add in your recipe.
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I'm a huge fan of roast fennel in the oven. Slice them in half, season with pepper and salt, some olive oil. Slowly roast the fennel for 2 to 3 hours at 248°F. Fennel is great but fennel seeds are delicious as well: In salads, omelettes, pastas...

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