How Do You Cook Zarda?


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Iftikhar Ahmad answered
1. Shila Rice 1 Kg
2. Sugar I KG
3. food color 2 or three
4. dates 5 to 6
5. almond 150 gram
6. pistachio 150 gram
7. Maraba 100 gram
8. Choti elachi 7 to 10
9. coconut 100 gram cursed
10. oil

1. take a shila rice and put them into water for 30 minute
2. Melt the sugar as put the all sugar in pan and add some water
3. after 30 minutes take the rice and let them boil
4. now add almond , pistachio , maraba , coconut , choti elachi and dates in sugar
5. and cook them for 5 to 8 minute now slowly slowly add rice in sugar when all rice added in sugar then add Maraba in it and let them cook for 10 to 12 minute
6. when wetness is vanished from rice then add the different food color ( before adding the color all color made separately as add some water in color and mix them and then add one by one in rice)
7. Now take a dum for 7 to 10 minute when you put out rice from dum then mix all rice your zarda is ready

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