Why Do You Put A Slice Of Lime In The Neck Of Some Bottles Of Lager?


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Carolyn Jones answered
A lime wedge is normally served in the neck of a Mexican beer named Corona.
There are many theories as to why this is. Here are the most popular:

- Limes are really cheap in Mexico and they put them in nearly all drinks not just lager!
- The lime slice is used to plug the bottle neck in Mexico to keep the flies out!
- The lime has sanitizing qualities
- Because the lager is bottled in clear glass, the light can affect the quality and flavour of the lager. The citrus flavour of the lime has been found to hide the 'skunky' flavour.

Personally I like the flavour that the lime offers the lager. I also enjoy it in Miller - coincidently a lager bottled in clear glass. When bars run out of fresh lime they may offer you lime cordial. This offers a much sweeter flavour than the sour tones of the fresh lime.

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