How Long Should I Cook Fish?


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Buying fresh fish from a fishmonger can result in a delicious meal. However, it can be a bit intimidating for those without much experience because fresh fish don't come printed with cooking instructions! There is a simple rule of thumb though that will tell you how long to cook.

Place the fish on a clean cutting board.
Measure it with a ruler at the thickest part. This applies to plain fish as well as fish that has been prepared with breading, rolled or stuffed.

You can estimate the cooking time according to the thickness. Allow 10 minutes of cooking time per inch if fresh. Allow 15 minutes per inch if fresh and sauced. Cook for 20 minutes per inch if frozen. After preparation,
be sure to thoroughly wash the cutting board, hands and countertop - whatever has come into contact with the fish.

Many chefs add a little lemon or lime juice or wine when cooking fish. The acid helps to neutralize the enzymes that cause the fish smell.
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If your fish is baking then go for 45 minutes

If  you are on cooking then go with 15 minutes

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It depends on how you cook it but it should be flaky when you stick a fork in it

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