Can You Tell Me The Basic Cooking Time For A Sweet Potato?


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Sweet potato: Boil for ~25-35min
bake @375 for~40-45 min.
I am afraid I am answering my own question. I baked 4 medium sweet potatoes at a setting of 425 degrees for 35 to 45 minutes and they came out great.
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Madbiker McMad
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I usually steam sweet potatoes (around 20 minutes when chopped to around 1-inch chunks), but will give roasting a go. Thanks for this!
crystal malcom
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its really according to how big they are BUT round 45 minutes to an hour longer if they are bigger.
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Cook till they are tender! That's how long! Squeeze them soft then they are done!

But here's a Cuban version of that, very thing, and they are Super too!
Instead of regular Sweet Potatoes buy the fresh Yams, they look the same, so ask them!
Then you peel them and slice in round pieces about 3/8 of an inch thick!
Then put them in a bowl and cover with water and put it in the Frig for 24 hours.
Drain and rinse very good! (You've removed a lot of the tar they have)
Now fry in Virgin Olive Oil! They should be still tender when they are done!
Cubans serve this with Fresh Baked Pork and Black Beans with White Rice!
When the beans are 90% cooked add two spoons of white Vinegar!
This is one of the National Dishes of Cuba!
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They are also great cut up then deep fried ,after they float take them out and sprinkle with powered sugar then drizzle butter
mmmm mmmm good.
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mmmm mmmm .... 3,000 mg of cholesterol and 3,000 mg of sodium per bite, and powdered sugar! No wonder they taste so good.
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There you go Crazy, I used to call my mom when I had uncertainties of that nature, even asked her how to boil cabbage once, long distance no less. It makes me happy that you did it on your own, now I know, and since sweet potatoes are just plum full of vitamins nutrients and fiber, I will eat them more often!

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