How Do You Make Simple Fried Noodles?


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To prepare simple fried noodles you require 1/2 lb. wide noodles, Butter for frying, Chopped parsley (optional) and Croutons, which could also be optional. First and foremost fry the noodles in the butter and then add a little paprika and garlic salt. Fry it until you like it. If you chose to pick the optional ingredients then you made some croutons and chopped parsley.

If you plan to make fried noodles with all the other ingredients then here is another recipe for you. The ingredients you require are 1/2 pounds Chinese noodles, 2 chicken breasts, 1 pound mixed vegetables (carrots, cabbage, and green beans), 3 onions, garlic, soy sauce and water.

Cook all the noodles in salted water and then fry the chicken breasts with onions and garlic in a pan. Add all the vegetables and mix well. Pour the soya sauce over all the ingredients. When the noodles are thoroughly cooked, mix in the vegetables and chicken.

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