Can You Mix Cool Whip With Canned Frosting?


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Mixing Cool Whip with frosting is possible and actually produces some really good results. By doing this, frosting is actually lighter and makes for an easier eat. The result of a mix of frosting and Cool Whip making a creamier texture.

• Cool Whip

'Cool Whip' is an American brand of imitation whipped cream. The brand was launched in 1967 by Birds Eye Foods, and it was a chemist at the General Foods Corporation, William A. Mitchell, who invented the technology of the cream. The advantage of the product over real cream is that it is able to be kept fresh for longer as it contains no cream or milk, although it does contain an ingredient called casein, which is a derivative of milk. There are a number of different varieties of the product and these are Original, Reduced Fat, Fat-Free and Sugar Free. There are also flavored versions available such as Chocolate, French Vanilla and Strawberry. The main ingredients of the product are water, vegetable oil and air, although corn syrup and casein are present as well, and some colorings are added to the flavored varieties.

• Canned frosting

Canned frosting is a very sweet ingredient that is used to make cakes and other sweet desserts. There are a number of different brands of the product available on the market and these include 'Duncan Hines' frosting, 'Wilton' frosting, 'Betty Crocker' frosting and 'Pillsbury' frosting. The main ingredient of canned frosting is sugar, and other ingredients include dextrose, egg white, corn starch and cellulose gum.

The two ingredients are generally mixed together because canned frosting is very sweet, and some people add a pinch of salt to the ingredients to reduce the sweetness.
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Cool whip mixed with canned frosting makes a light and fluffy delicious topping that taste so good that you will not do it any other way.

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