What Is An Italian Cheeseburger?


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An Italian cheeseburger is a recipe made from ground beef and chopped onion. Here are the ingredients needed to make this mouth-watering recipe:
One pound of ground beef
1 teaspoon salt
½ teaspoon crumbled leaf basil
½ teaspoon garlic power
6 slices of cheese (preferably Cheddar Cheese)
6 buns split and well buttered
Quarter teaspoon crumbled leaf oregano
¼ cup chopped onion

To prepare, lightly mix the ground beef with pepper, onion, salt, basil, oregano and garlic powder till they are blended into a fine mixture. Give the mixture the desired shape of patties. Place the patties on the broiler pan and broil on either sides. Now you have to top each patty with the cheese slice and then continue to broil till the cheese starts to melt. Now all that is left to serve the cheeseburger in buttered buns.
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Its a burger on a italian bread with onions,peppers and fries inside the sandwich.
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Yeah italian cheesburgers have french fries in them. You can get them from the chicken shack
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An italian cheeseburger is a cheeseburger on a roll with onions, peppers, and french fries!

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